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3D.atoa is a specialized unit for 3D Printing technologies from ATOA Scientific Technologies (ATOAST).ATOAST is an Industry leader and pioneer in Multiphysics simulations and solution provider for innovative product development.3D.atoa is a one stop solution for all your 3D needs.We provide concept to CAD, CAE and CAM services to design, engineer and make 3D products, respectively.

DESIGN: CAD @ 3D.atoa,we convert your conceptual sketches or 2D drawing into 3D CAD models,suitable for CAE or CAM.We leverage latest history free CAD modelling technology for faster and easy to modify 3D model.Parametric CAD model is one of our specialities .

ENGINEER: CAE @ 3D.atoa, we start with your Design requirements to do Multiphysics CAE for the first time right product.
We leverage cutting edge Material, Product and Process Technlogies to Engineer your product for suitable Structural, Dynamics, Thermal, Flow, Acoustics, Electrical and or Optical performance.Multiphysics, Multimaterial and Multiscale CAE simulations are our Specialities.

MAKE: CAM @ 3D.atoa, we start with your 3D models to print 3D prototypes. We leverage best in class 3D printers and Multiphysics CAE simulation technologies to make your product first right for 3D Prints. Multimaterial 3D printing including composites, ceramic, metal and polymers are our specialities.ATOA Scientific Technologies Research and Innovation Division form the technology foundation for 3d.atoa to provide world class 3D printing solution to our clients.

Start your 3D world at 3d.atoa.com

We at ATOA provide professional 3D printing solution to our clients

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